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International Incidents

Apparently other countries make music sometimes too, from what I've heard their local scene sucks, but we here at Gone for Smokes have taken many bullets for you, so you don't have to.



To Descend Wont Let me Call my Mum

Craig went to text his friends today, but the Swedish old school death metal tyrants To Descend looked him dead in the face, called him an asshole and reminded him that his friends are bad people and he should just stay inside. This is his harrowing story.



Robb Flynn Induced Fight or Flight

Machine Head have history of radicalizing teens through Yahoo Chat rooms dating back to 2001 when I was but a boy. Now that the dax wax has finally come out of my hair, it's time to see if their efforts were worth it as Craig listened to the entire back catalogue in one go.




Blink 182 are the Only Reason Your Parents are Still Together

Blink 182 are scientifically proven to be better than Rush, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Greta Van Flet are better than your dad says 

Craig got sick of hearing everyone's dad say Greta Van Fleet are shit, so decided to spend some time with their album 'The Battle at Garden's State'. And I tell you what, there definitely is not enough talk about dragons on this album.



Someone check on Bam Margera

Craig went on a Google rabbit hole to see if Bam was doing okay then remembered he has a heartagram tattoo so instead he listened to HIM's Razorblade Romance 5 times, someone has to answer for this.

Bam still fucking rules tho.

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